Hjulångaren Eric Nordevall Il

Welcome to the paddlesteamer Eric Nordevall II.

Paddlesteamer Eric Nordevall was one of Sweden's first power-driven ship, built in 1836 to operate on the newly opend Gota canal. The ship sank in lake Vättern 1856.

After the wreck was found in 1980, a project started to build a replica at Forsviks yard.

Eric Nordevall II was launched in 2009 and made its maiden voyage in 2011 to Stockholm where the ship was baptised by the royal princess Victoria.

From 2012 the ship is classed for traffic with 59 passengers on Gota Canal and 34 passengers on lake Vättern and lake Vänern.

During the summer the paddlesteamer make several trips and a number of charterd tours.